Elite 65T Heables

Jabra Elite 65T Review

March 7, 2018 Adam Chell 0

It’s finally here. The first hearable where battery life is reasonable! Before now, there has always been a compromise between performance and run-time but with the Jabra Elite 65T I have to say, I’ve been […]

Isolate Aluminium Ear Plugs

Isolate Aluminium Ear Plugs Review

January 3, 2018 Adam Chell 1

I started writing this review 30,000ft in the air on board a commercial airline heading to Nuremberg for the weekend. A perfect opportunity to try out the range of hearing protection offered by Flare Audio. […]

Phonak Audeo B Direct Made for All

Phonak Audeo B Direct Hearing Aid

September 15, 2017 Adam Chell 0

This month saw the launch of the first ‘smart’ hearing aid from the Sonova group called the Phonak Audeo B Direct hearing aid. Smart means that it connects to a Bluetooth compatible phone without any […]