Do you need a hearing test?

  • Do you feel you have hearing issues?
  • Do you have problems understanding conversations one on one?
  • In conversations, do people seem to mumble?
  • Do you have problems hearing high pitched sounds like birds singing?
  • Do you have trouble understanding people in noisy environments?

If any of the above questions apply to you, you will need a hearing test. Sometimes we don’t notice hearing loss until it starts to affect our quality of life.

The sooner you notice changes in your hearing the sooner you can take steps to manage it. If you are concerned about your hearing health, you can schedule an appointment today.

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90 minute diagnostic hearing test

A hearing test is more than just measuring the level of sound your ears can detect. It’s about asking the right questions and actively listening to you and making sense of the information you provide to build up a hearing profile.

During your assessment you can expect the following to happen:

Introduction and discussion – This is the most important part of the appointment. It gives us the opportunity to understand what makes you tick. Hearing difficulties are very personal and vary greatly from person to person. We use the information you disclose to form your individual management plan which helps us to achieve your hearing goals.

Video Otoscopy – using state of the art video otoscopy we will send you on a journey through your ears. As we explore and examine the anatomy of your outer ear and ear drum we will guide you through what we are seeing live. We can record and take photos which are stored on our secure patient management system as part of your ongoing care.

Audiometry – We use our state of the art equipment to assess the quietest sounds your ears can detect. This allows us to classify your hearing loss for our medical records. This part of the assessment is important but on it’s own the information it provides is limited. It doesn’t give the whole picture, like how well you hear when there is background noise.

Testing speech in noise – This involves testing your ability to ignore background noise in order to focus on a particular voice. The results of this test significantly varies between individuals and is critical for getting a better understanding of your hearing profile.

Summary and debrief of results – At this point we use all of the information gathered to form your indvidual hearing profile. We explain this in a way that you will understand. We then make recommendations to manage your hearing health; with the aim to improve your quality of life.

Report & Follow up – You will be given a full written report of our findings. This will detail the results of the assessment and will summarise the recommendations we provided for future reference. If any follow-up or referral is required we will include this in the summary.

If you purchase any of our hearing care packages the consultation will be discounted by 100%

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