Oticon Opn Review

Oticon Opn Hearing Aid Review

July 25, 2017 Louise Hatch 1

My name is Louise and I joined Hearables Online as a hearing aid user. I have moderate hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and have been using hearing aids for a number of […]

Oticon Opn Logo

Oticon Opn – Revisited

February 20, 2017 Adam Chell 0

After my write up of the Oticon Opn 2 and 3 product launch Oticon sent me an email to help resolve some of the points I raised within my article. As a new blogger, I […]


Resound Enzo2 review

February 18, 2017 Adam Chell 0

Review of the Resound Enzo2   The Resound Enzo2 was launched March 2016 and has built the reputation as being one of the leading Superpower hearing aids on the market. It is designed for individuals […]