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At HearablesOnline we aim to provide unbiased, balanced reviews about hearable technology to assist both professionals and end users in making informed educated decisions about their hearing. As a new website we have already attracted over 600 visitors in two weeks and as such we are looking to expand. We are searching for an enthusiastic individual to join us on the team. This is an unpaid role but you will be recognised for your work. You will have your own biography on the website which will provide many networking opportunities. Each article written is evidence for continuous professional development. You do not need to be a hearing specialist to apply. I am also looking for hearing aid wearers or family of hearing aid wearers to provide their experiences with technology or accessing services.

Personal Specification

The ability to use microsoft word or any other word processor that you prefer is essential. You will need to be able to construct a well written, balanced article which will be submitted to the editor before publishing. No qualifications necessary but just an enthusiasm for the field of hearing technology.

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