The Beginning

Hearables Ltd was founded by Adam Chell, an extremely passionate and experienced audiologist. Adam felt that there was a lack of good independent advice around hearing aids and so he started to review the hearing aids himself in 2016. From this, the independent hearing aid review website HearablesOnline was born. He has since developed a stringent testing protocol and assesses each hearing aid as it becomes available. He now has a worldwide audience for his website and was commended for Audiologist of the Year 2017.

The Now

Skip forward to 2018 and Adam went on to expand his idea to create Hearables Ltd. The concept of Hearables Ltd is simple. Only the best performing hearing technology, based on an independent review, is awarded the ‘best buy’ status.

You can read each review as it becomes available, but we do not publish our ‘best buy’ list. This is because we work closely with all manufacturers and we wish to maintain our special relationship. To find out which hearing aids have achieved our best buy rating please make an appointment to visit one of our associated clinicans and they will discuss this with you.

We promise to offer unrivalled care and passion for hearing technology. So If you want the very best for your hearing get in touch today.

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