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There are 6 global hearing aid manufacturers and each of these companies offer a huge range of choice. It is hard to find independent and unbiased information on hearing aids and you may be left in the hands of your audiologist to make the best recommendation for you. Choosing the right hearing aid is dependent on a number of factors:

Severity of hearing loss

The severity of your hearing loss is one of the most important factors in choosing a hearing aid. Somebody with a mild to moderate hearing loss will have more choice than somebody with a severe-profound loss. As such, you should always get your hearing tested prior to making a decision.

Your dexterity

If you have difficulty with fine motor skills you may struggle with handling your hearing aids. Be sure to mention this to your audiologist because they can make appropriate recommendations such as using a rechargeable device with auto on/off features to minimise the risk of difficulties.

Your lifestyle

Your lifestyle can help determine the model you should pick. The more premium models have additional features to overcome background noise and other difficult listening situations. It is very difficult to determine whether the technology is working sufficiently for you in a clinic so your audiologist should allow an extensive trial period of at least 30 days.

Acceptance of technology

If you love technology there are plenty of exciting features now available in hearing aids. You can connect to your phone and even have your hearing aid remotely fine tuned over the internet. If you struggle adopting new technology you should opt for a simpler device that focuses more on automation and a simple user experience.

Following the above steps should help to guide you in the right direction of choosing a hearing aid that suits you. IF you would like to discuss this further then speak to an audiologist. You can find one in our business directory.

Discuss hearing aids

Simply book in for an appointment with your nearest clinic found in our business directory. They will provide you with a comprehensive assessment and discuss your results and you will have the opportunity to choose the most appropriate hearing technology based on your lifestyle and needs.

First Appointment

At the first appointment you will should receive a full diagnostic hearing assessment. The audiologist should provide the best advise.

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