Sleep plugs by Puretone Ltd

Custom made
Extremely comfortable – can be worn all night
Block out unwanted noise like snoring and noisy neighbours

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Elacin ER Filtered Noise Plugs

Calibrated flat response noise plugs for musicians by Puretone Ltd

Attenuates all frequencies evenly
Hear sounds safely and accurately
Available in 3 levels of attenuation

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CENS digital – Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors

Lightweight, comfortable form of shooting hearing protection

CENS in-ear defenders are custom-made ear plugs, made to fit the individual ears perfectly.

The digital microelectronic amplifier provides a natural listening experience, so you never miss a sound. Use these bespoke ear plugs while clay pigeon shooting, game shooting or just target practice.

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Musicians In-Ear Monitors by ACS

The perfect solution for musicians and music lovers alike.

In-ear monitors are all about the high fidelity listening experience. Custom fit soft silicone ear moulds create a perfect seal and comfortable fit, combined with state of the art speakers, and exclusive technology to ensure you are hearing the music as it was intended to be heard.

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