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Welcome to the team Vicki Nielsen

Welcome Aboard

HearablesOnline has been up and running for 2 months now and in that time we have had nearly 1400 visitors. Our mission is to provide unbiased news and reviews on hearables and other relevant hearing technology. Up until now I have done everything on my own which obviously comes with its limitations. Although I try to provide balanced arguements I am very aware of my own biases working in the independent sector. To help eliminate this I put an advert out to encourage people to join the team. By having a larger team we can combine our experiences and expertise to ensure that the information delivered to you as our readers remains fair and most importantly informative. On this note, I am very happy to introduce our new author Vicki Nielson.

About Vicki Nielsen

Vicki got in touch after reading news on the release of the Oticon Opn and has since produced an article on her transition from NHS to private healthcare which will be published very soon. At 32 years old, Vicki is a long term, experienced hearing aid wearer with bilateral severe to profound sensori-neural hearing impairment. She has always worn NHS hearing aids but is now considering the option of purchasing privately. She will be sharing her hearing journey with us all as she experiences the latest hearing technology on offer.

Expanding The Team

I am very excited about what Vicki can bring to the table in terms of delivering an end-user experience. As more people join the team my aim is to provide a hollistic approach to each review. If you are reading this thinking you can offer a unique viewpoint, whether you are an audiologist, an end user, or even from a manufacturer please do get in touch. For now though, please give a warm welcome to Vicki and I hope you enjoy her articles.

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