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Welcome to the team Louise Hatch

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Louise hatch to the Hearables Online team. I first met Louise in my clinic as a patient. She had been accessing NHS services for a number of years but decided to take the leap over in to the private sector.

Tinnitus Rooms

Since then, we have become good friends and have even teamed up to form a tinnitus support group called, ‘Tinnitus Rooms‘. The group is based in Greenwich and is really close to Louise’s heart as she has had tinnitus and hearing loss for many years.

Living with Tinnitus

Knowing Louise now, and seeing her strength, it is difficult to imagine the difficulties she went through with the Tinnitus. She can tell you first hand how traumatising it was for her in the beginning and how difficult living with Tinnitus can be; even today. However, Louise has developed healthy coping mechanisms and has adapted her lifestyle and now wishes to help others through what can be some very difficult times.

Living with Hearing Loss

As well as the Tinnitus, Louise also has a moderate sensori-neural hearing impairment. She is a hearing aid wearer and wishes to help other users by trialling and reviewing the latest technology. She is currently wearing the Oticon Opn1 hearing aids and will be posting her first review soon.

I am certainly looking forward to reading her honest reviews as I’m sure you are as well.


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